TRS Leopard Roller


The TRS Leopard Roller is used to break up knotted muscle fibers, decrease muscle tension, and diminish tightness.

• Solid Roller with Leopard Print
• Raised Design
• Outer Shell Material: EVA+PVC
• EVA foam core
• 4.5″ / 115MM diameter x 13″ / 330.2MM length

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We have entered the age where myofascial tools have become commodities. The staggering choices of tools can range from Bugatti-level tech to rollers that still resemble your kid's swimming pool noodles. When we had the opportunity to create our everyday workhorse dream roller, let's just say we'd had lots of experience in the field.

The Leopard roller's texture is what you first may notice. Yes those are leopard spots, but they were designed to create a similar kind of tissue shear as our industry pioneering SuperNova mobility ball. But we also wanted a surface to allow the user to "scrub" their superficial tissues (like warm silk over steel springs baby). Our roller's spots accomplish both tasks beautifully.

We chose a roller diameter that actually fit the human body. Most rollers still insist on a "beer keg" like diameter which makes the roller less enjoyable and downright awkward to use. We chose a roller that was soft enough to allow for maximal tissue shear but would not wholesale deflate with a little compression. Lastly, we don't think a good roller should cost you a week's wages (they are mobilization tools not engagement rings).

In short, we had the opportunity to right a thousand PVC pipe/barrell/spikey/rock hard/expensive wrongs. We had a shot and we took it. Did we mention it's a one way ticket to legitsville?


The Leopard Roller is used to break up knotted muscle fibers, decrease muscle tension, and diminish tightness.


The Leopard Roller is much more aggressive than typical foam rollers. Providing a deeper and more intense mobility session.


Lightweight and small enough to toss in your bag and take with you anywhere. The roller is 13″ in length.

4.5" / 115MM diameter x 13" / 330.2MM length

Sold Out

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