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    AvatarJonathan Effa

    How you guys deal in CF classes using FMS, alot about this method is “dont do this” and “do that” , so basically like pointed by David Shen, in this methodology if you can do OHS , and not clear shoulder, you can do overheadpress until you clear it ; or maybe in lunge stance . My point is you lost the WOD for your clients , many things some clients wont be able to do, other clients will do other things , and sorry but most of this clients need 80% attetion minimum for right movement pattern FMS engaged ; and sorry gray cook , but i could see many changes you said will happen in 4 weeks , not better than regular classes with the same clients ; and he said “injury prediction”but a lot of paper about FMS , said exactly opposition like 50/50 chances.

    . So what i will do in 1hour with a group of 20 clients ?  using FMS . 

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)