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      AvatarKyle Rota
      So how the heck do I find a physical therapist like Kelly in my area (Philadelphia, but willing to travel to nearby cities on the east coast)? Ie someone with strong mob skills, well versed in kelly’s concepts so we have a common language at least, does more than look at a goniometer, etc? 

      I have some issues post ankle surgery that I feel like I need extra input beyond what I’ve learned from Mwod. Kelly’s videos have given me a vocabulary to at least identify and have a rough idea of my restrictions and what types of manual work and mobs will be needed, and I’ve come pretty far working on myself. However, I’ve been to at least a half dozen physical therapists and it’s almost as if I’m talking to someone who walked off the street compared to the stuff on the site. Only ONE has even asked to look at my squat! And even that one didn’t make a single criticism (this was before I found mwod) even as my knees were audibly clicking and I could identify a dozen things wrong looking back at myself. And these were all pretty highly regarded places ranging from private practice to rehab hospitals. They all just break out their goniometers and do basic calf and ankle stretches I can do at home even better. I’ve seen zero evidence of any advanced manual joint mobilization knowledge. They have NO idea what I’m talking about when I mention anything anything beyond that, up and downstream issues, ankle external/internal rotation mobility/torque (which is a big issue for me that affect my knees and squats) is like a foreign concept to them, etc. I mean I’m either the unluckiest picker of PT’s or 99% of PT’s just don’t “get it” (I really can’t think of any other way to put it). 

      Unfortunately there’s no “Supple Leopard Certified Practitioner” credentials, so I really don’t know what to look for when searching for a PT who “gets it” in the same way as Kelly. Maybe someone here can recommend someone in my area. I may end up flying to SF to see one of Kelly’s clinic staff (it seems Kelly doesn’t do consults anymore?) at this rate though though that is something I will need to save up for. 
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      AvatarNathan Richer

      Why don’t you hop on the train to NYC/Brooklyn to Crossfit Virtuosity and try to get Keith Wittenstein?

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      AvatarJames Bacon

      If you haven’t happened to VooDoo  X floss yet, then it may be your missing piece.

      As a quick note, for me it’s been quite remarkable.  At 2 times a day, I’ve now gotten past the snap, crackle, pops.  Between the flossing and the ball work, I’ve transitioned to a well lubed, pretty much fully sliding foot. Amazing stuff here.

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      I am a PT in bethlehem, pa. I am a FAAOMPT (fellow of the american academy of ortho manual PT) and am somewhat familar with kelly’s “language”. I may be able to help you. Let me know if u r interested. -laura

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      AvatarPeer Marschel

      I would look for an Certified Athletic Trainer and Certified Physical Therapist together. But also make sure he is fit and into sports. 

      I gave this advice to my mother as fixing her injuries via Skype (as my company is in Germany) was getting quite difficult. She was lucky enough to find someone with these credentials whom also lived an active life (unfortunately in Kansas City) and has been much better since.
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      I’d love a recommendation for the Richmond, VA area or anywhere within a 2 hour drive (DC, VA Beach, Charlottesville, etc).  I’ve seen 2 different PTs over the last six months without much improvement. I think I need someone that can blend traditional PT with an exercise science (strengthening) approach.

      Thanks in advance.
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      AvatarPeer Marschel

      Hey man! I def think there is hope for you! While K star is leading the way with his innovative ideas there are def others following in a similar direction. I personally am not a cross fit guy, but work closely with the one in Stuttgart (Germany) location. 

      I would suggest looking for physio’s or Chiro’s that are involved in Cross Fit and possibly have a mobility style background also! Not sure if I can self promote here, but I guess its harmless since I am in Germany, but my website is http://www.gtsgermany.com and for my traveling athletes I do similar videos. Maybe these also can help?
      But best of luck to you with your search! I work with many military guys here so I will ask around if they know anyone in the VA area also!
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      I understand your frustration. I’m a CSCS currently working as an aide in a very reputable PT clinic. A lot of the stuff I see makes me sad. “People shouldn’t squat” mindset and all the things that come with it. A lot of Kelly’s concepts would make their heads explode. 

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      Thanks Michael & Alex. I’m heading to SF in January and hoping I can get in to see the guys at Crossfit SF for an evaluation and some programming guidance. I’d also like find someone closer to home that I can work with as I progress through the rehab.  After 10 years of dysfunction I know its going to be a slow process.

      Thanks again all for your help and any recommendations in VA.
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