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      AvatarChris Fichtner

      i dont have a gym at home and im finding it hard to find a good stable place to mount a band that allows me to get enough tension. i have seem the way Kelly mount to a door by wrapping around a shoe or bottle and wedging into a closed door, but im affraid of messing up the door. Has anyone figured out any other good options? 

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      AvatarJordan Straub

      I wrap mine around the stairs banister.  Work well for shoulder/lat work.

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      AvatarKeith Messina

      Early today I came up with a solution that I was planning to share with a post so this is perfectly timed.

      I have no furniture that could support a jump stretch band so what I did was go to the local dollar store and bought a dog leash. I bought one made of flat webbing.  I cut off the handle and a few extra inches. On the opposite end of the handle I tied an overhand not.  Now, close the webbing in the door with the handle on your side. The knot will keep the webbing from passing through and since it is soft it should not cause any damage to the door. Loop your band through the handle and work yourself supple.

      This could also be done by just purchasing flat webbing and tying a bowline or figure eight follow through on one end and the overhand on the other. However, my local REI is 45 minutes away and I actually had another project that needed a cut off end of a dog leash with the clip. Two project for $1. Can’t beat that. 🙂

      With the system you can move the band high or low depending on where you need the band coming from just by moving it up or down before shutting it in the door.

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      AvatarRoland Claes

      Some things I’ve found:

      1) Bed.
      2) There’s a heavy pipe in my closet (not even sure what it’s for) that works well.
      3) I have some wooden drawers on wheels…I put a band around that, step my leg through, and push it away w/my arms while doing the couch stretch to upgrade to super couch.
      Of course, you may not have those things, but look around and get creative!
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      AvatarStephen Casey

      Here’s what I did:

      1) Install an eye hook into a stud in your wall (one that has an appropriate weight rating)

      Or maybe you could use a door handle like this – http://www.homedepot.com/p/Everbilt-5-3-4-in-Black-Door-Pull-15449/202033978
      Just make sure the material and screws are long/strong enough.
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      AvatarRobert Eubanks

      I have had good luck with this Spri door attachment

      It runs about $4.00 at Sports Authority
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      AvatarKeith Messina

      That’s basically what I made with the leash.

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      AvatarKatherine Amos

      I use the cement supports of the house in the basement

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