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      AvatarAndrew Sten

      so pretty much when i squat my first couple reps are ok meaning my feet are slightly pointed outward and even but then anything like over 3 reps my left foot starts to slide outward and to me it feels like im squating straight but then when i look down i see my left foot is not equal like my right foot is. I think this is a hip alignment issue because when i go to squeeze my glutes before i squat i naturally feel like my left glute overpowers the right. What do you think? thanks

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      Are you doing any squat mobility?
      Sounds like you have tightness/restrictions on one side.
      It is ok for a couple reps then your form is impacted.
      Have you watched any of the episodes on squat mobility?

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      AvatarJustin LaRoche

      Test , Re-test with the this favorite of mine.


      Keep a spot focused in front of you when you are squatting, where you look is where your chest will follow. It’s funny to think about but it’s totally true.

      Let’s start there and see how that makes a difference. I’m positive it will.


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