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      AvatarJohn Gomo

        Once you’ve finished work for the day, done your mobilisations and / or been to the gym, what do you do with your downtime?

        I’m writing this sitting on a sofa, watching tv, and can’t help but think this is toxic for me in all kinds of ways.

        So, what are some recommended activities for an aspiring supple leopard to spare them from boredom at the end of the day that aren’t too taxing?

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        AvatarKeith Messina

          Read anatomy, physiology, and medical texts. Read everything on training and programming I can get my hands on, especially from academic journals. Much of the reading being done at an improvised stand up desk. Daydream about ways to use make mobility or training tools for cheap.

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            Do new things:
             start a new sport
             learn new skills

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