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      AvatarCorrinne MacFarlane

      Hey Guys!

      I have aq uestoin regarding a weird burning/heated pain when doing any lateral mobility mobs. I had a grade II strain in my right distal hamstring from sprinting in the bicep femoris 9 weeks ago and I’m cleared for all activities. When i do certain mobs for that leg, I get a hot, burning pain in the whole lateral side of the hamstring upstream/downstream from the strain. What could this possibly be?
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      AvatarTom Matchinsky


      Hot burning pain is typically the result of direct irritation of a sensory nerve in the area. There is so much going on under the skin and there is a chance one of the small sensory nerves in the area got trapped during the healing phase of the hamstring injury. For that particular area it may be best to just work lightly on how the skin is sliding around in the area and just do some light scraping or even just pinching and pulling on the skin of the area with your fingers and maybe some light compression with motion and then slowly retest the mobilizations that were causing the problem and see if there is improvement. 
      Travis Jewett
      MWOD Staff
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