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      AvatarAsh Calderon

      I’ve been spending a lot of time trying to help people define what a push-up is to them following basic principles your videos have offered.  I look for things like a good plank; trunk stability and note if and when it breaks; proper setup and initiation through the shoulder; position in the bottom and a vertical foream etc.  We use our squat racks or boxes to slowly lower people to the ground as they get stronger and also work thing like a solid plank into an eccentric lowering with good position.  

      What I am unclear on is how to look at the scapula during this movement.  How much movement is too much?  How do you train people to fix it and what kind of cues/setup do you look for?  I’ve played with some scapular pushups just to explore movement but am not yet sure of its direct carry over.  
      Randy Spellman
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