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      Hey gang,

      Does anybody know where I can buy Voodoo Floss bands in Europe? Shipping from RogueFitness would be $40 which is double the prize of the bands. I am sure we have many “flossers” from Europe. 🙂
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      Identify some friends or other members of your gym that are looking to order them and place 1 order and split the shipping.
      Shipping usually goes up a smaller amount when additional # of items is ordered. Shipping usually goes by weight but increases in smaller amounts than shipping 1 item at a time.

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      AvatarGio Fitzgerald

      I’m in the UK and I bought a band from eBay. It’s not a Rogue one but I think it’s just the same.

      This is the same as the one I got- like I say, does the job.

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      Is it 40$ even if you order from ?

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      Go to
      the Rogue Fitness Europe site. You should be able to add the items to
      the cart and it will calculate a shipping cost to your location from the
      Rogue Europe location (Finland).

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