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      MWod land.

      I recently sprained my ankle.  I have used voodoo bands very successfully in the past with knees, elbows, shoulders, etc. etc.  Love voodoo.
      Anyways, this past time, I decided to voodoo to help reduce some residual swelling and pooling of bruising (about 1 week after).  I left it on for 5 mins, did some circles, a little walking, had a friend press my foot into non-painful ranges of dorsiflexion, etc.  Everything seemed OK directly after.
      So, next day, it’s feeling worse and looks like more bruising and more swelling.  It’s definitely not broken, x-rays negative, so I’m a little confused about what could have made it worse.  Any thoughts? 
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      You may have done too much at one time for where it is currently at.
      Are you seeing any improvements with it?

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