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      Welp I am just going to post here to complain about the slight soreness/pain in my left scapula.  I am low bar squatting, overhead pressing, and barbell rowing all of which seem to be playing a large role in this “pain”.  I have a hard time calling it pain because I think of pain as piercing and unbearable, but this is more like sore throb.  

      For low bar squatting I feel like because the 150lbs I am doing is laying largely on my scapula.  I feel like overhead pressing I may not have the range of motion although I feel like I am externally rotating with my arm behind my ear — maybe with weight I actually am not?  I am trying to break the bar and make sure to keep my abs and butt tight.  
      The bench press maybe a cause as well as when I arch my back and break the bar I feel it as well.  Is this my ribs not mobile enough?  
      I started smashing the area, but it doesn’t really feel tight — more like really supple.  For instance when I do banded distractions I feel like I may be hyper mobil perhaps.  
      Edit to add:  I am going to try and specifically point out my infraspinatus m. and the teres major m.  perhaps my rhomboid major m.  
      What do you all think?
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      AvatarKay Heil

      it depends on where you feel the pain.  where is the hurt on your scap?  the back on the top?

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      infraspinatus m. and the teres major m.  perhaps my rhomboid major m.

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      AvatarElizabeth Ross

      It is likely a bulging disc in your neck causing the pain so be careful!  

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