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      AvatarMichael Schwerin

        When i sit in a full bodyweight squat one side of my hips appears to be a lot deeper than the other, what sort of things could be causing this?

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          Uneven hips can impact the pelvis, lumbar spine, thoracic spine, muscular imbalances and stress within the system.
          Your pelvis may be out of alignment.
          If your hamstrings are tight you may shift your hips to one side as a compensation for the tight hamstrings.
          Here are a couple episodes that hit the hamstring there are other do a search for it.
          Pro Episode # 36 – Voodoo Floss Series # 3: The High Hamstring
          High Hamstring Gnar, Trigger Points, and Up Stream/Down Stream
          Athlete’s ROM: Full Posterior Chain- Are You Dysnormal?
          Episode 354: Make Your Own Super Floss/High Hamstring & Hip Gnar Gnar
          Episode 272: TJ Murphy Edition and Hamstring Stiffness
          Episode 104: Hammer Your High Hammy

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          AvatarMichael Schwerin

            I think that the restriction is coming from my left ankle not allowing my knee to get out as far as the right and then the right knee goes out more and i end up sitting deeper on that side. does this sound plausible ?

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              AvatarJim Hoffman

                I also have been dealing with this same issue for a long time. I went to see a sports doctor and had some x-rays done the conclusion was that I had a FUNCTIONAL leg length difference. Which means when they measured my bones they didn’t find a significant difference between them but somehow my body was creating a leg length difference. When I looked at myself standing I could see one hip bone was higher and also more anteriorly tilted. It frustrated me for a long time because after getting diagnosed and getting treatment from a physio, osteo, and chiro they all concluded the same thing but didn’t really get to the bottom of it.

                After checking out a lot of mobilityWOD videos I got to understand a lot more about movement and ways to treat yourself. I now have a far less noticeable difference in hip unevenness by just hammering away everyday at what was tight. For me my right hip was higher and more anteriorly tilted, my left was lower and more posteriorly tilted. So based on this the front of my right hip was tight so I hammered the couch stretch and rolled on the psoas and used the kettlebell on the illiacus, I also worked a lot on my right QL because I found out uneven hips can be caused by QL tightness. For my left side I worked on rolling the glute, high glute going into the erectors and QL then lots of flexion in external rotation stuff (pigeon pose on top of a box).
                It’s not perfect and I doubt it will ever be 100% symmetrical but I can see a difference and feel a difference by doing this (albeit a very slow change). 
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                AvatarJohn Terrier

                  So I have this problem as well. I have been under the treatment of a pt for the past month or so and basically have been working on sretching glutes and hipflexors and strengthening glute medius. I started going due to pain in left antierior hip. They told me to reset my pelvis using similar strategies Kelly outlines in one of the above videos. I’m thankful for the relief I have gotten as the pain is better but I feel they are not really helping me correct or address the cause of my pelvis shifting.any additional guidance would be greatly appreciated!!

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                    There are a few possibilities on the cause of your uneven hips.
                    Poor posture, injury, or a flex in the spine.
                    Uneven hips impact the pelvic, lumbar, and thoracic spine.
                    Have you asked them for help in identifying the cause of the issue?

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                    AvatarJohn Terrier

                      I have asked. But the best answer I’ve gotten was one similar to your response. All the work is focused on the hip and we don’t address issues up or downstream which I know there are some(tight ankles and quads on left side. And my right foot turns out as well. I’ve asked about addressing or assessing these other issues. But apparently insurance won’t cover it.

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                        It sounds like you know the areas you need to start addressing.
                        You can take a crack at the needed areas yourself.
                        First place to start is the spine.
                        The spine is the carriage or chasse for the primary engines of the shoulder and hip.
                        Disorganized at the pelvis =hip function is decreased.
                        Changing the position is the way to improve the function.
                        There are several episodes if you do a search on the episodes page. Here are a few starters
                        tight ankles
                        Squat Quick Test: Is it your Ankles or Hips?
                        Case Study: Tight Ankles = Bad Squatting
                        Episode 54: Pinchy Ankles and Weak Feet
                        Pro Episode # 44: The Last 25% of Your Ankle Restriction (Snatches and Pistols here we come!)
                        Ankle Positional Fault Fix: Jill Miller Style
                        Episode 313: Improving Ankle Range, Super Friend Addition
                        tight quads
                        Pro Episode # 52 – Pro user Request Friday: Couch Stretch Feel Weird? It’s a Diagnostic Tool too.
                        Episode 235: Recover Your Anterior With the Super Couch
                        Episode 206: The Couch Series

                        Right foot turning out
                        Episode 343: Stop Walking Like the Duck You Aren’t

                        Episode 230: Squatting With Turned Out Feet? Hey Duck Squatter, IR Yourself.

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                        AvatarJohn Terrier

                          Thanks a bunch. I appreciate the insight! I’ll report back any progress or problems as well. To the others who posted too I feel your pain and would like to know how u guys are faring as well…

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                          AvatarLuis Marquez

                            In conjunction with everything else maybe try this….

                            I have dealt with this issue in the past and one of the best things I have found that help me is using a ball on the hip itself. Whether it be a tennis ball, LAX, or something else dig it in and around your hip musculature. A favorite position is to lay on the ground with legs in a bent,90 degree angle. Put the ball under the hip facing the ground.You are looking for the soft spot directly above the head of the femur( should be what you feel as the side of your hip when laying down) Once you get the ball in the right spot chill out for 10-20sec depending on tightness. You can move very acutely if you don’t feel that it is working. Be cautious because you are putting alot of force directly on a joint. I know this isn’t an mwod but I got the idea from watching one.

                            Hope it helps

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                            AvatarMilosz Makowski

                              I am having trouble with the same issue. It worsens as I tire. I have personally found, as per the comment above,, digging around the left hip musculature to help a little, but still searching for a solution.

                              here is a video of what I mean. 
                              Any ideas?

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