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      AvatarImran Ahmed

      Whats up everyone,

      Over the past few years Ive noticed that I have uneven hips when I squat. As i square down I slide slightly to the left, and my right side seems higher then my left. My left hip is also tight. Ive tried all the conventional ways of loosening it up but i think its possible the tightness has more to do with the uneven hips more then just being tight, but I’m not sure. I only say that because it feels like it almost “hits a wall” rather than just being tight. I can do a full squat, getting down and staying in the “10min squat” position but I begin to develop pain on my right side. 
      Ive seen doctors for this and they say its not a big issue and should cause any problems but I notice it a lot when I squat and it gets sore on the right side.
      I should also mention I have had two cal surgeries on my right knee, so I dont know if improper standing while on crutches and recovering caused the imbalance in the hips. Again just speculation.  Any help would be great!
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      Have you seen a chiropractor?
      May need an adjustment to realign your hips.

      You may be making compensations for the tight left hip.
      Is your hip in the front of the socket?
      You may be hitting bone to bone early which is the “hits a wall” feeling.

      It may not be classified as a big issue, however, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t need attention.
      Have you had anyone look at your squat technique or video your squat technique so you can see exactly what is going on?

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