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      AvatarRichard Brown

      Hi guys,

      I’m new here and looking for some guidance about where to start.
      Firstly, I’m a van driver which means that I’m driving continuously for 8 hours a day except an hour long lunch break. How do I minimize the effects of sitting for so long?
      Secondly,  I have lower back pain / hip pain AND sciatica in my left leg which is caused by a tight piriformis and weak core ( Diagnosed by a chiropractor. X-Ray ruled out anything more serious ). What exercises should I focus on to eliminate these problems?
      Thirdly, I’ve been cleared to get back to training properly. So I’m rejoining an MMA gym near me, where I’ll be focusing exclusively on BJJ for the first month. I would like to stay injury free and enhance my training, so I kinda feel like I need a comprehensive mobility routine where I can overhaul my movement patterns and be the best I can be. What should I do? What videos should I watch?
      Thanks for the help! I’m going to do my own research anyway ( So I’m not being completely lazy and relying on other people! ) But any advice and guidance is much appreciated!
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      AvatarKeith Broussard

      I sit in a car 9 is hours a day. I know your pain.
      That being said you are fighting a mountain so consistency is your friend here.

      Mobilize before and after work. Focus on hip extension. I do the squat prep hip opener, couch stretch, and t spine extension. on occasion I found the cook hip lift.

      After work I hit a little couch stretch, rectus/ psoas/ql/smash.

      Don’t forget about the things you can control. Drink plenty of water lightly salted, wear compression socks, move and stand whenever you get the chance, make sure your warming up and going down before and after your workout, be as active as you can be the rest of the day if you’re sitting that much find a way to get some walking in non exercise physical activity is your friend.

      I keep a handful of balls with me in my car to smash while I’m driving (One supernova and too hard rubber balls about the size of the small supernova.) Obviously that may not work out so well if you crash while mobilizing. Not sure what would happen but it’s probably not good so don’t do that.

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      AvatarRichard Brown

      Sorry for the late reply.. Thanks for the guidance though! This is exactly what I was looking for. I’m thinking about wearing full length compression pants to work, that should do the trick right?

      And out of curiosity, what’s the purpose of the salted water? I’ve been trying a ketogenic diet so I’ve been taking a 2l bottle of water with me to work with sodium and potassium in it anyway, but was just wandering how it helps in terms of keeping mobile?

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      AvatarPatrick Thomas
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      AvatarKeith Broussard

      Sorry about my late reply I was away from technology for a bit andbi didn’t see you replied.

      Compression pants would work fine I just wear knee-high compression sock to myself. As far as salted water goes The sodium helps the water absorb through the intestines and get into the body and therefore your tissues as opposed to just passing right through to the bladder and PeeIng it out. Tissues being well hydrated is key to improving mobility. Dehydrated tissues just get sticky, tacked down and won’t move well.

      As always Kaitlin’s list of videos is pretty stellar as well as her suggestion for deskbound . Another much shorter book to consider is don’t just sit there by Katie Bowman. Both books only have small sections about sitting in a car Ultimately sitting in a car is just really tough and getting out as much as you can may be the best option for us.

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