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      I’ve had some low back pain on and off for a few years, but starting this past Friday, it’s become constant and very painful. I’ve Self-diagnosed it as a super tight QL, based on the facts that my lumbar spine defaults into extension, and the muscle around my lumbar spine is significantly protruding from my back.

      Sitting for any longer than 15 minutes gets very painful, mostly at the top of my lumbar spine and in my glute med (both sides). And then the lumbar completely stiffens up, making standing up straight impossible and painful until I manage a few steps. My car is the worst offender in causing the pain.

      I’ve been rolling my back with the mini Supernova and doing hip stretches as frequently as possible since Friday, which give temporary relief, but still doesn’t seem to release the QL very much.

      And finally, my objective test has been how far I can get in a straight legged Deadlift before stiffening up. Before Friday, I never had a problem with this ROM. My normal now is about 45 degrees before stiffening up, but it’s been as low as 20-30 degrees. I can get the full range shakily right after mobilizing.

      So basically, I’ve done most of what I’ve found on MWOD. I have an appointment with an ART therapist next Tuesday, but want to make some progress until then. Is there anything else I should try to get the QL to loosen up a bit?

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      Are you seeing any improvements with what you have been doing?

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      Somewhat- if I do 15-20 minutes of hip openers and rolling my back and glute meds, I’m pretty good to go. My stiff-legged deadlift ROM improves significantly. It’s when I inevitably have to sit for a while (in the car in particular) that everything resets. I’ve been bringing my supernova everywhere and basically have it somewhere in my back whenever I’m driving, but it only does so much.

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      Are you able to improve your sitting position in the car?
      Are you able to make stops while driving? A couple minutes getting out and moving allows you to reset your position.
      Are you looking up/down stream of where you are seeing the restriction?
      Where you see the problem isn’t always where the situation originates.
      Daily MWod 11/13

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