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      Hey  MWod Team! Love the videos and help you provide people, I know it’s been working for me anyway.

      I’m a huge baseball fanatic, and have spent most of my life playing.  The major leagues are having a very large and public issue with elbow injuries to some of their highest profile pitchers currently and every major news source on baseball is talking about it.  My whole life I was taught many different things about technique and proper form, and after watching the majority of Kelly’s videos I’m realizing a large extent of what I was taught was horribly wrong.  I can’t help but believe this is very similar to a football team failing to teach proper leg mechanics to players and thus preventable ACL injuries occur more often. As much as I want to believe the NFL knows exactly the problem here, I’ve seen Kelly break down RG3s bad knee mechanics and it’s no coincidence he suffered an injury.  
      My point is Baseball has no real idea why so many pitchers are having elbow injuries. I know it’s very easy to predict ACL injuries if someone routinely has a collapsed foot resulting in valgas knee positions.  Since the arm and leg have similar (at least to my knowledge, I’m obviously not an expert here) structures, is it possible to predict UCL tears in a thrower based on a mechanical give away?  I know a lot of tears occur on pitches where the hands palm is rotating upwards then away from the body causing the elbow to rotate away from you instead of towards you. Could this be like how the knee is secure when rotated apart from each other with hips spread but in a bad position when you touch your knees together inside the feet at the bottom of a squat squat?
      That was my main thought on the injury. I could see how tight forward hunched shoulders could cause issues as well but I’m not exactly sure how.  Anyway I’d love to hear someones thoughts on these issues as no one else I’ve brought this up to really even understands what I’m talking about.
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