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      AvatarThaddeus Norris

      Hi Everyone,

      This problem
      has plagued me for 2-3 years, basically I get excruciating low back pain on
      left hand side, which if I really try hard to grin and bear it and continue to
      train with the pain it will spread up my lats to my trap causing a spasm in
      left hand side.

      This happens
      when running or boxing or even pushing lawnmower forward but not when
      deadlifting my max being 200kg so I wouldn’t say I am weak.

      Been to
      physio who advised I was tight in hip flexors, glutes,hamstrings,quads and
      T-Spine, and my L3,L4,L5 is pretty tight and immobile.

      I have
      posted some pictures of basic movements which highlight my issues, you’ll
      notice the picture in blue t-shirt in deadlift start position my right hip is
      higher than my left.

      Can anyone
      help this please?

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      None of the links work

      Are you addressing your tight hip flexors, glutes, hams, quoads, t-spine?
      Have you seen a chiropractor to check your alignment?
      Something off can be a contributing factor.

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      AvatarThaddeus Norris

      Hi Kaitlin,


      Thanks for reply, I have been working on them for a few months, and the pictures (if they work) show an improvement, that shows how bad i was/am.

      I seen an Oestopath, who confirmed the twisted hip, which was causing one of my legs to appear longer than the other.


      I am thinking i need to step away from the weights and focus on my stretching and bodyweight work.










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      Seeing improvements is a start.
      Did the oestopath give you any direction with correcting the situation?
      Is your pelvis reset?
      Episode 128: The Pelvic Fault and Back Pain
      Addressed the lumbar spine?
      Yes, is there a coach you can schedule lessons with to evaluate movement patterns and address areas with restriction?

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      AvatarThaddeus Norris

      He told me to start by stretching my glutes hamstrings quads hip flexors and mobilising my t spine.

      Yeah he reset my pelvis.

      I havent addressed the lumbar spine, i take it the video link will help that? am in work so can view the link until i get home.


      If not what can i do to addressed the lumbar spine


      I started some movement stuff with a coach last night, one of the things he noticed, was when moving in the over head press movment my traps activate far quicker than they should.



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      So you we not given a plan of action to address those areas.
      When you stand is your hip over extended?
      May be time to have your pelvis positioning looked at again.
      Good to hear you are working with a coach. Sounds like areas that need work are getting identified.
      Look forward to hear how things are going.

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