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      AvatarScott Tricarico

      Is there such a thing as “too much” external rotation?  I’ve gotta believe that at some point it can be a problem right?

      I was recently at a seminar with Jesse Burdick and Mark Bell and they told me I might have too much “knee-out-ness.”  I wonder if “knees out” for hyper mobile folks could fall in to the “good cues gone bad” category.  
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      Yes, there are different focuses for the hyper mobile.
      Improved motor control and sliding surface mobs are used.
      The Hypermobile Amongst Us: Spine Edition
      Mobility, Pregnancy, and the Hypermobile
      How Much ROM Do You Need, Really?

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      AvatarAlvin Futrell

      Should you feel twisting in the knees at all? To start with I felt like when screwing my feet into the ground I had a twisting pressure in the knees that didn’t feel right. It isn’t as bad anymore so maybe I was over rotating or not rotating a the hips.

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      AvatarVeronica Gordon

      Same here, thought about that a few minutes ago.

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      AvatarKyle Rota

      I think painful twisting indicates something’s tight in the leg, either hip, adductor, fascia around the knee, or ankle rotation. Everything should rotate out together. 

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