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      AvatarColleen Smith

      Hi everyone,

      I had a shoulder injury (bursitis) on my left side last June from repetitive motion at work. I had a cortisone shot which seemed to help, but eventually developed thoracic outlet syndrome. I had a vascular compromise, which lead them to taking out my first rib. So basically now I’m left with the botched surgery to which I still have burning sensation in my neck, but I have been able to use my shoulder more. Both of my scapulas are now winged out because I had to compensate for so long with my ride side. Basically it feels like they are stuck in that forward and upwardly rotated position and no matter how much I try to utilize the mobility WOD techniques it doesn’t seem to give. 
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      AvatarPatrick Thomas

      Have you gone back to the doctor or seen another doctor?

      Have you address what caused the bursitis to develop?
      Have you corrected the movement pattern?
      Have you addressed the collar bone ?
      The winged scapula is a symptom of the other issue.
      A winged scapula is associated with damage or a contusion to the long thoracic nerve of the shoulder and/or weakness in the serratus anterior.
      Have you done any strengthening of the serratus anterior muscle which holds the shoulder
      blade in place.
      Crossover Symmetry is a great option.

      Did you complete physical therapy for thoracic outlet syndrome?
      Have you seen a doctor with the new set of symptoms?
      Have you addressed your posture at all?
      Front side is tight pulling things forward and rounding the shoulders.

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