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      I started playing around with thoracic mobility from the Power Speed and Endurance Book. I setup the 2 Lacrosse Balls and had a question.

      I put it in the middle of my back say on the lower rib portion, hug myself, and bend back so that my head is on the floor.  So #1. It’s hard to move back like that, it seems like such a long way to go back. It’s like my neck can’t handle it or something or I’m just too chicken to go that far back like that. When I am able to get back, sometimes I feel nervous about how to get out of that position. It’s like I”m afraid I could hurt something if I come out of it too quickly.  Do you know what I mean? Is what I’m saying make sense or sound normal?  I’m afraid to hang out for the 2 minutes that is recommended so I have been only just doing it for 30 seconds or so and then coming back up, when I’m brave enough to go down.  : )

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      Ease into doing it.
      You may need to go one section at a time.
      Another great alternative to the 2 lacrosse balls is the Gemini
      I haven’t seen anything like it. It is much easier to keep perpendicular to your spine than 2 lacrosse balls.
      Yes, I understand what you are saying and I think the Gemini will help ease the situation. The shape of it addresses some of the exact things you mention.

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