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      Has anyone in leopard nation had any experience with this pain pattern I’m experiencing?  I recently saw a pain specialist/thai massage/trigger point expert who pinpointed excruciating pain I’ve been experiencing for about a month, to a bundle of muscles that are holding on tight and won’t let go.

      TFL.  Glute min.  Glute med.  QL are the main suspects.  Trigger points all through each of these muscles which refers severe pain down my leg laterally and into anterior calf/peroneals.  My plan of action is to smash with the Alpha ball in the TFL, glutes,  QL, and some peanut smashing on lateral quad.  I suspect also hamstrings because of several trigger points I’ve found using the monkey bar of death.  Follow that all up with some contract relax stretching, banded (pulling femur posteriorly) stretching.  I have also found voodoo bands to provide some relief all up and down my leg.    
      Does anyone have a success story and plan of action they used to get this issue to release?  The pain caused by this muscle spasm is nearly debilitating and doesn’t show any sign of slowing down.  Is there hope?
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      I would highly recommend finding a qualified person that can perform dry needling.

      Gray Cook does it and has said it’s one of the most powerful and efficient tools in his arsenal to reset tissue.

      Just make sure you’re reinforcing the reset with good movement patterns to minimize the chances of the trigger points coming back.

      If you can’t find a dry needler – I usually use a softball for that area. You’ll need the extra size above a lax ball to get into those deep and tough tissues.

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