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      Hey i was wondering what people’s thoughts were on Surefoot insoles.  I know kelly says barefoot no insoles.  I recently had surgery on a torn joint capsule and a morons neuroma removed.  I wear tactical zero drop boots for work and my feet kill me after a few hours with no padding. I also have extremely flat feet .  Was wondering what everyone thought.  I know matt chan and chris speller use them and they are both big into mobility.  Any incite would be appreciated.

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      AvatarPatrick Thomas

      I don’t have any experience with Surefoot insoles.
      As you are healing from surgery and having something removed you may need to wear an insert.
      As things heal you may be able to decrease the time you need to wear an insert.

      Did your feet kill you in those boots prior to the surgery?
      Have you watched the episodes on flat feet?
      Rebuilding Your Feet With Brian MacKenzie
      Rebuilding The Feet, Part 2
      Rebuilding the feet, Part 3
      Pro Episode #3 – The Flat Feet Solution

      Wearing an insert or not would be more person/situation specific vs top level athletes who use an insert.

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      AvatarSherry Jordan
      A couple things I would consider if your pain started after switching to a flat boot.
      1)  Is the toe box wide enough? Does your forefoot have enough room to spread your toes?
      2) Did you take time to transition or prep your feet to transition to a zero drop boot?
      A great resource is Whole Body Bearfoot.

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      AvatarKelly Steadman

      Have a look at G8’s,

      Adjustable arches – issue with the pre set superfeet and so on is based on the assumption that everyone’s arch height is the same…… and that’s a whole new topic/thread/discussion!
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