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      AvatarJohn Gomo

      One thing thats holding me back mobility-wise is the inability to mobilise in most of my casual clothes. I’ve torn the crotch on a few pairs of jeans trying to open up my hips, for example.

      Does anyone know of clothing with a bit of stretch to it? I’ve heard of barbell jeans and levis commuter jeans but ideally looking for something a bit cheaper and preferably a bit smarter-casual.
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      AvatarNathan Richer

      you can try Prana’s men’s pants like the Stretch Zion pant. they come in a lot of colors and look pretty good too. very stretchy – there is a lot of freedom of movement. people use them to climb in so the fabric is pretty tough.  there are other pant lines for Prana that are stretchy as well.

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      Avatar[email protected]

      I refuse to buy jeans now unless they have at least 2% elastic/elastane/spandex. It narrows the options down but if you check the tag before trying them on (and making sure you can squat comfortably in them) you can usually find a pair

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