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      Just got word from Rogue Fitness that the Supernova is out of stock until September. Sheesh. I haven’t been this crushed since Melrose Place ended.

      If, by some miracle, anyone has one that they don’t want anymore and would be willing to sell it to me — please reply here. 🙂

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      AvatarKevin Hall

      What is weird is that everyone raves about it… the 9 reviews…..and it is being redesigned ???

      Must be a major flaw….does it squash and not come back into shape ???

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      The supernova is solid.
      Some had panels popping off.
      Making it tougher.

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      AvatarKyle Rota

      I’m actually finding I’m using my Gemini a whole lot more than my Supernova even though I was more excited about the supernova at first. I find I can shear a whole lot better with the gemini because it stays in position when you move across it in the direction it can’t roll creating some absolutely massive shear. 

      The Alpha ball from Yoga Tuneup is a good alternative for the Supernova in the meantime. 
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      Yeah I was thinking about using the Supernova for my hamstrings, but I am starting to see that I can just sit on hard surfaces and use the peanut to get my hammy’s.  I use the coregeous ball for my ab section

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      hey so i have had my super nova for about a week i got it as a gift . i used it maybe 8 times on the gym rubber floor and my carpet at home and the edges are like pealing off and the some areas are turning white . anybody having this problem ? i am pretty upset i was super excited to have one after them being sold out 

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      Contact Rogue about this situation.
      This is something that surfaced after it was made and is one of the reasons it is being redesigned.
      It is being addressed.

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      AvatarNick Leon

      I ordered one right away and LOVED IT. Something about the glue they used wasn’t holding and the balls were falling apart… They replaced mine with a newer version glue is holding now and it’s an amazing tool. Best thing I’ve found for my piriformis and hamstring!

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