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      AvatarJohn Gomo

      When attempting the superfrog stretch, or pretty much anything with hip flexion + abduction, I get pain in my left hip socket, like it’s loose in the joint. My groin in general is tight, and is something I’d like to remedy!

      My left hip has slightly worse mobility than my right overall. I’ve been doing banded hip extensions, trailing leg hip extensions, posterior chain flossing, single leg flexion with external rotation, hip external rotation with flexion (very tight here), and the hip capsule mobilisation. I’m distracting only in the anterior/posterior plane at the moment.
      Any thoughts on how I can improve?
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      AvatarChingChin Wang

      Try to smash your high adductor near the hip joint, this really helped me to improve my squat and straddle.

      Often times the tissue near the joint gets tight and is pulling on the femur resulting in impingement.


      Just my 2 cents! 

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      AvatarPatrick Thomas

      Possibly experiencing a hip impingement when you
      are trying to focus on your adductors.
      Check out pages 305 and 317 for
      some banded distraction mobilizations in BASL.
      Do this work
      before going after your adductors.
      Resetting the femoral head
      in the joint capsule can buy you a little extra space and can decrease
      that uncomfortable sharp pain you are experiencing.

      A couple episodes that address the groin
      Episode 290 Haiku Contest And Landing Position Part 2
      Super Sumo Groin Mob

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