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      Hello all. I know Kelly posted a Daily RX that has some Super Nova rolling for the groin area (sounds fun, doesn’t it), but is there any way to use it or the Gemini on the bulk of the quad? I get particularly sore/tight in the middle of the quad, and at that nasty point on the inside, just above the knee (thanks very much, rowing machine). 

      I often feel the back of my legs gets nice and loose from myofascial release work, but the front is “wicked tight” as they might say in Boston. 

      I’d appreciate any tips/suggestions. 
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      AvatarKyle Rota

      I like the Gemini and I shear side to side across the muscle. 

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      Thanks Michael. What about positioning of the leg that you’re not hitting w/ the Gemini? 

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      AvatarKyle Rota

      Either post it out for balance or cross it on top of your other leg if you can handle that much pressure. 

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