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      AvatarKiefer Slaton

      Hey all,

      I’ve been fighting an issue on the right side of my body for a couple years now. I’ve been to a few doctors as well as a full round of PT for shoulder issues and none of it seemed to really help. The best way I can describe it is I’m getting nerve-y feelings and general tension all up and down the right side of my body. I am 100% of the time feeling much more sensation in my right side than my left. Usually sits at a 2/10 but sporadically, once every week or two it’ll be an 8/10 accompanied by numbness in my right hand and a massive headache on the right side. I hesitate to even call it a shoulder issue as it seems my right hip plays into it a lot as well. Here are the things I know:

      -I have a huge knot directly on the center top of my right trap that I can never seem to get rid of. When I work on it I feel the tension running in a line straight down to the very bottom of my trap.
      -When I do Kelly’s breathing exercises, I can feel a ton of tension in my serratus, and lat on the right side – they don’t want to expand as much as on the left.
      -Any time I try to do exercises where I need to retract the scapula, my right hip flexor kicks in and tries to pull my whole right-side trunk back instead.
      -Any pop or release I get anywhere in the right-side chain helps tremendously. Frequently I’ll get pops in the jaw, the rhomboid or around the serratus, and all of those seem to generally release tension.

      Can anyone at least point me in a direction of what I should be tackling? None of the docs seem to be able to pinpoint anything based on what I’m talking about and I’m getting pretty frustrated. Thanks!

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      Kaitlin LyonsKaitlin Lyons

      Hi Kiefer,
      I’d recommend one on one coaching with a TRS staff coach

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      Hi- does the shoulder protocol address impingement issues in addition to stiffness?

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      Kaitlin LyonsKaitlin Lyons

      After working through our protocol, you should be able to:

      Understand some of the reasons why this painful condition sometimes develops.

      Desensitize tissues and decrease symptoms during recovery.

      Create behaviors that optimize your tissues for speedy healing.

      Improve the mechanics of your extraordinary shoulder.

      Prevent this problem from reoccurring.

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