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      AvatarWacey Connor

      I am at my whits end, I am not sure how to approach hamstring flexibility. My goal is to have hamstring flexibility to the point where I can touch my toes WITHOUT bending my back. I am not sure how I can approach this, but the Hip Flexibility exercises in Supple Leopard were always confusing to me. I am not sure what I should be applying or if there any guides on here to help me. Any help is appreciated.

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      AvatarWacey Connor

      Also, I should note: I have been doing mostly softball hamstring smashes on my bed. I can’t really find a flat surface where I can full range of motion for my leg, simply because I am very tall.

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      AvatarPatrick Thomas

      What questions do you have about the hip from Becoming A Supple Leopard?
      Have you used the floor?
      Are you organizing your spine?
      If you cannot organize the spine optimally, you will loose stability.
      Are you working up and downstream of your hamstring?

      You’ve been working on your hamstring without change so need to take a new look at how you are assessing the problem.

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      AvatarJone Jacobsen

      Try looking into Hip Hinge Archetype. You are assuming it is your hamstrings which are the problem when it could actually be anything in your posterior chain which is restricting you. I had the same problem and it was 75% resolved in 6 minutes of shearing my low back with a super nova. Look here: 

      I stretched and stretched my hamstrings with some results but it wasn’t until I addressed my whole posterior chain that I saw very dramitic results.
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      AvatarTom Matchinsky

      Hamstrings are more often than not “tight” when you are trying to touch your toes because you are not hinging properly and/or you are not creating enough stability at your spine. The body will always lock up the hamstrings in this position if the spine does not feel stable and safe. Always master the bracing sequence in the first part of the book first. 

      MWOD Staff
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      AvatarWacey Connor

      LKaitlyn Lyons, I am unsure of what you mean by ground work. I have Supple leopard and I am just at a lost of what I should  start with honestly. What type of Hip Mobility exercises should I do ? Spine exercises ? Any help is appreciated, thank you 🙂

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      AvatarPatrick Thomas

      Did you do any smashing while sitting on the floor or a box?
      The floor is solid so there is no give like there is on the bed.
      Smashing on the floor you have the weight of your leg on the ball vs doing it against a wall.

      Are you using the bracing sequence? Pages 39-41 walk you through the sequence.
      Braced neutral standing position pages 44-45
      One place to start:
      14-Day Mobility Challenge | 7 Green Lights | Day 1
      14-Day Mobility Challenge | 7 Green Lights | Day 2

      A couple to address hip flexion
      Monday October 31, 2016 Hip Flexion
      Thursday, November 10th, 2016 – Hip Flexion

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