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      AvatarRyan Johnson

      Hi! I’m having this problem for years now. I don’t remember when it started. I feel need for getting more flexible when I’m trying to get in shape, so I start to do yoga daily and not even hard deep stretches, just till I feel light stretch and than hold it for 30-60 seconds, I tried mobility wod exercises for knee problems and stuff but still have the problem, and the problem is that my knees (and elbows, but elbows isn’t nearly as bad as knees) gets warm and very uncomfortable, almost like light non stop pain(hard to describe) and I noticed that knees are looking fine when I elevate legs upwards, but when I’m especially standing or even laying on the ground knees get purple with white dots, and I get that hard feeling on them, so bad that it’s really hard to fall asleep and maintain good sleep. So I searched and this is bad blood circulation, but why due stretches?… So if I quit stretching for week or so, everything is normal again, knees are in normal color all the time and I can sleep like baby. I’ve researched all internet and wen’t to doctor but can’t find cure. Any ideas? Sorry for my broken english, and have a nice day.

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      AvatarGopal Raghunath

      I would go to a cardiologist. They usually test or will discuss blood circulation in the legs.

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      AvatarPatrick Thomas

      Recommend seeing a doctor or practitioner.
      You’ve taken a crack at it and not seeing improvements.

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