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        My seventeen yr old daughter plays volleyball ( outside hitter). for the past three years she has had shin pain. she was shut down for the last five weeks to get rested for her senior year. in her first practice she had pain again. her orthopedic doctor just to rest and it will be ok. he gave her no warm up stretches or or other strengthening exercises to do. she also wears the active ankles to prevent an ankle injury ( per her coach but i dont like these and her doc agrees). the pain, according, to her doc is from stress on the bone from landing. any thoughts?   

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        AvatarMads Ingwar

          i guess another way of putting this is she has fluid on the shin/shin bones

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            Has anyone looked at how she jumps and lands?
            Good chance this is where the cause originates.
            Correct the movement pattern and the pain with go away.
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            AvatarMads Ingwar

              she is an outside hitter so they always land on one leg. unlike in basketball where you will land on either foot and jump off either foot, she has a consistent approach and she has broken down each year. thanks for the links i will look at them

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                Still look at the jumping and landing technique/mechanics
                The injury reoccurring is telling you something is not correct in the approach.
                Pain is your body’s way of letting you know something is wrong and needs to change.
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