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      AvatarNathan Brammer

      Hey everyone, long time reader, first time poster.
      I was hoping someone can help out with a persistent pain I have in my upper right arm.
      Started out a while ago with overhead press movement, anytime I lowered bar from an OH press movement and my elbow bent past 90 degrees I would get a popping feeling in my elbow and shoulder. I rested and did some rehab work through a physio and it seemed to give some relief.

      Fast forward a few months and I am now getting pain in my delts and tricept when i raise my arm above shoulder height.

      If my arm is extended and raise it straight up to my side I get pain in my delt area, mostly towards the posterior that seems to extend into my tricep. However if I perform the same action with my forearm bent 90 degrees forward (think drinking from a cup) I tend not to get the pain.

      Overhead press in front is painful however I can do mobility work with a PVC pipe (unweighted) behind my head in a pressing movement and my shoulder complex feels tight but not painful.

      Unfortunately when I’ve tried looking in the “Pain” section, there is nothing for the bicep/tricep area so have been working on a bunch of the exercises from the “Rear Shoulder” section. When doing this like the Rotator smash and floss I have found a lot of pain spots especially between the scapular and spine that have increased mobility when I have tested before and after. The problem is I generally wake up the next day with even more pain in my delt/tricep.

      Just wanted to check if I am doing anything wrong or get any suggestions as to a possible cause or area t concentrate on.

      I will try to get a video to post to explain a bit better.

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      Kaitlin LyonsKaitlin Lyons

      Hi Nathan,
      Bummer to hear of the pain you are experiencing.
      You can experience more pain following a session because you are starting to correct and/or change something.
      You may be moving through new ranges or using muscles& soft tissue which has not been used in the past to complete a movement.
      Is it pain or soreness?

      Are you working up/downstream of where you are experiencing the pain?
      Where the pain is isn’t always where it originates.

      Have you used a voodoo band on the elbow and shoulder?
      I’d suggest visiting the elbow section on the pain section of the VMC.
      Doing a search on the archive of the VCM will give you many options as well.
      You can search delt and trap on the archive.

      Have you completed The Ready State Assessments for the upper body?
      This can help direct what needs attention.
      Scroll to the second row, second video block, click and start.

      Taking the quiz to get your mobility score can help direct you on what to address.

      If the issue is in the Overhead position have you completed the Overhead Challenge programming?
      Does this help?

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      AvatarNathan Brammer

      Thanks Kaitlin,

      It’s definitely an ongoing pain and not just soreness.

      I am trying to work upstream and downstream using the exercises in the shoulder front/rear sections of the VMC.
      I’m concentrating mostly on the upstream as pretty much all my upper body positions are lacking when I do the assessments.

      I haven’t taken the quiz yet but will give that a go now.
      I’ve looked at the overhead challenge and will be starting it today.

      Thanks for your help.

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      Kaitlin LyonsKaitlin Lyons

      Hey Nathan,
      How is your progress?

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