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      AvatarPaul Melish

      I’m having some ankle pain in my left ankle that is troubling.  It’s right below the medial malleolus.  It is very intense when I engage in external rotation of my hip, and “screw” my foot into the ground, as if setting up for a squat.  I also noticed it just recently when I turned sharply on my left foot to the left, as if to change direction while simply walking (the foot is turning inward, if that makes sense).  It is a sharp pain that feels like a tendon pull, but it isn’t impairing my ability to walk, and there isn’t any swelling.  It is impairing my ability to go into dorsiflection in a particular way, and has made me unable to squat, even under bodyweight.  It’s so strange to be able to walk normally without pain, but be unable to squat.  It feels like it’s just under and in front of the malleolus.  It’s almost as if the malleolus is rotating slightly out of socket, and it’s very painful when it happens, though it’s not a pain that persists…once I’m out of the position that caused the pain, the pain stops.  I can make the pain happen with my hand if I twist my foot medially.

      Any ideas what might be happening here, and better yet, how to rehab/mobilize/fix it?

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      AvatarGeorge McLaney

      Jim, I think that as with most pain issues, you’ve got to look up and down the chain to see where the restriction is. It could be tightness in your foot, or tacked down tissue higher up in the calf somewhere. Try smashing the heck out of the soles of your feet with a lacrosse ball, trying to unglue the heel cord and stacking two mobility devices to hit the medial and lateral seams of the affected lower leg. Hopefully you’ll feed slack into the system that will alleviate the issue. 

      These videos might prove beneficial:

      I hope this helps.
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