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      AvatarPaul Graham

        I can’t find anything about this. 

        I would like to find a magical way to increase my flexibility while increasing my squat strength. Is this possible? Do I really need to choose one over the other?
        I would like to work into having the flexibility to get close to a side split or a good cossack squat but I don’t want to give up heavy squatting. What is the answer? Bodyweight squats only? Wide stance?
        Can you do both at the same time?
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        AvatarPatrick Thomas

          What makes you think you need to choose mobility or squatting heavy?

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          AvatarPaul Graham

            Well, that’s a good question. I’m not sure I have good sources for this but I had always believed that the inflammation and/or growth of the muscles due to squatting causes you to not be as flexible/mobile. 

            If that is not true, can you improve your flexibility rather than it just staying the same? 
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            AvatarPatrick Thomas

              Yes, you can improve mobility and squat heavy.
              Mobility is a full body approach to address elements which limit movement and performance.
              Improving mobility translates to getting in better positions which translates into achieving ideal positions with technique.

              Getting into ideal positions with technique will not limit performance.
              Mobility is an aspect of performance which is worked on continually.
              10-15:00 minutes a day.

              There are several episodes which focus on squatting.
              Do you have trouble/tight areas?

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