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        I’m a newbie as far as mobility is concerned, at east in how Kelly Starrett drive such concept. After reading his books and trying my self, I have some doubts how to implement it in my sport: soccer
        My split training is:
        1. Strength training focused on soccer patterns
        2. Field training with team
        3. Match
        My question is:
        After discover tightness and weakness through out several test, how can I implement the techniques in:
        1. Before strength training is right? for example, upper body day (bench press – pull up/ pull over – row – stabilizers – glute activation do band distraction, floss for shoulders, internal rotion, etc The same with lower body.
        2. How long time before field training?
        3. How long before a match?
        As English is not my language I’m not sure sometimes interpret it correctly.
        My aim is design several protocols to apply all these techniques and I’m trying structures them as a warm up and for increasing performance in each point mentioned.
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          Spent 10-15 minutes a day.
          Pick a max of 3 mobs per session.
          Mobility prior to workout address the skills/elements used that day.
          Some techniques are not recommended prior to training. Complete these at after.
          Mobility work does not replace warm up.
          Mobility and warm up are 2 different aspects.

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