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      AvatarRoger Orr

      I have been doing bjj for 6 years now and my elbows have taken some abuse. Now for sure I am not a dr. Bit I think nothing is torn or otherwise catastrophically injured.  I would need expensive mris done to determine that for sure but my thought is to see what I can do on my own with the amazing information available here.  Here is the deal.  Neither of my elbows will fully straighten.  If. I set my elbow against a hard surface with my upper arm flat my lower arm  raises at a 25 or 30 degree angle.  What range of motion exercises would you all suggest to improve this elbow conundrum.  I have no pain,  only poor mobility. 

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      AvatarRoger Orr

      Oh man. No. I will now.  I did a search for elbows and only found two. Huh. Thanks! !!!!

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      There are Pro episodes too.

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      AvatarNestor Balaban

      Kaitlin can you link or tell us how to get to the pro elbow vids/ your favorite ones. 

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      That’s a tough issue to work through. All the videos that Kaitlin linked are perfect. I would also tell you can have adaptations at certain joints with high volumes of training at early ages. For instance, I work with a decent amount of baseball players that lack full elbow extension and full IR on their throwing arm. This is due to increased bone development in the elbow from years and years of throwing. This isn’t necessarily a big deal in their sport but when they try and do an overhead squat it kills them because they can’t lock out. If you work on this and realize that you aren’t making any improvements you may want to try and focus on the shoulder. The better your shoulder and upper back mobility is the more narrow of a position you can adopt on things like overhead squats/squat snatches.
      Good luck with those elbows!
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      AvatarJulian Potts

      Hi guys

      I got almost same problem. dislocated elbow, after several appointments with medical staff, I still have a extension deficit around 20degrees. Problem is, I need fully extensions for my weightlifting. 
      I checked out the videos did some vodoo bands even with the dice, directly after vodoo band and dice and the green band elbow stretch, there is a deficit about 0-5degrees for about 10minutes, but after that, still got the stiffness and deficit.
      Do you got any other ideas of how to fix a extension deficit? Would be really thankful for all of your help!
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      I put the episodes into categories as I go.
      Also hit your forearm and wrist. Interconnected aspect.
      A couple to start with
      Wednesday, May 15th, 2013
      Thursday, September 18th, 2014
      Are you looking at the whole system?
      Forearm, wrist etc.?
      These can be impacting factors.

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