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      John CarriereJohn Carriere

      My once mobile job has shifted back into a sitting about 5 hours a shift type job. After 2 weeks I’ve already started to notice this nagging pain I used to have in my low back several years ago when I was in a job that had me sitting all day. This time its a little different though. Before it was always focused on my left or right side; now it is centered and seems to only really hurt when I bend over or tilt my pelvis forward. It definitely starting to affect my deadlift and squat as I’m worried about pushing myself and causing injury with this pain. 

      Is the fix simply to perform the couch stretch more often? I’ve also noticed that when in the banded hip distraction my hip joint has the same pain. It’s not hot and nervy but more like my muscle has been chewed to bits.
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      Your sitting position/posture may need improvement
      Episode 170: Death by desk? More powerful typing
      Episode 109: The Neck of a Desk Warrior Poet
      It may not be a mobility issue.
      Jill Miller has some great quick fix videos on Yoga Tune Up that address the low back.
      On the home page there is a link to get 1 5 minute video for free and the others are very low cost.

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      AvatarJames Bacon

      Haven’t seen a particular episode on it, could be something to maybe look into.  That is to say in addition to the upper, shoulders & neck posture…

      I now think like split snatch, or pistol positions through my day of sitting for the lower portion.  I noticed if both feet are out, or both are in, that as time passes I tend to over extend or flex.  But when splitting my leg position, my hips and trunk seem to stay pretty neutral.  Comfort without a lot of thought, so in addition to the top I only need to remember that one other thing regarding the bottom, that is to split a bit.

      – Mike

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