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      AvatarJonny Herrick

      Hi All, I’ve developed a shoulder/tricep problem and I was hoping maybe somebody would be able to shed some light on it while I’m waiting for appointments with the specialist (weeks out for one, months out for the other…), I’m trying get some relief.

      Seems like the pain is coming from my rear delt, somewhere in the area where it connects to my humerus, and I’ve also have pain in the upper triceps, and movements that aggravate it also cause pain down the outside of my arm, pretty much following the track of my humerus, that immediately subsides by ceasing the offending motion, but the posterior deltoid/upper tricep pain remains.
      Noticably painful movements that I’ve eliminated thus far are the Jerk, Push Press, Strict Press, HSPU (static handstands seem to be ok), and back squats.   Pushups are fine as long as I keep my elbows tucked and my hands at shoulder width and no wider.  The worst for me now is if I raise my arm in front of me 90 degrees, bend my elbow 90 degrees, and then externally rotate my arm, when I get into the last 5 or 10% of my ROM I get an intense pain in the area I describe and it also feels like something is obstructed. 
      I also had pain in the outside edge of my scapula, but I’ve been working with the ortho at our box and he’s been having me do scapular stability exercises, and that pain has gone away.
      My other, right, arm is completely fine.  I do have an old injury from football in my left shoulder that was never treated and has recurred maybe a half dozen times or so in the last 18 years, previously diagnosed as instability and impingement, and I had a really positive result from PT 2 years ago, that pain was completely different, and prior to whatever has been going on recently, has never felt better.
      I’m at the point where I pretty much won’t use my left arm at all during our WODs, I’m reluctant to stop training altogether as I’m in the best condition I’ve ever been in.
      Also, I hurts at night while  “sleeping”.  Even if I’m lying on my right, unaffected, shoulder, if I need to adjust my left arm at all it hurts like hell, if I get up, sit or stand, it feels a lot better.  Early on when I wasn’t really paying attention to the problem, I’m positive that it spontaneously (the left shoulder) reduced while lying on my right side.  There was a very audible clunk as my arm, I’m assuming, fell back into my socket.  After which it felt good and I went back to training as is normal.  
      Additionally, it seldom hurts at the box, I’ll get that tight sensation down my humerus if I’m doing something that will aggravate it and I’ll lay off, but it rarely screams at the box, it’s not until later I know I have to add another banned movement to the list.
      So for now, I’m switching to one arm bandit mode for our WODs, I’m stretching my pecs, doing my scapular stability exercises, smashing my T Spine… stretching my lats
      Any inclinations of what might be going on are appreciated.  Thanks
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      AvatarJonny Herrick

      I’m getting a lot of benefit from compression wrapping my upper left arm, I’ve been keeping it on and doing flossing movements for as long as I can tolerate it.  Wrapping from my elbow up seems better than from the shoulder down.  Gonna get myself a compression sleeve for that arm to wear as well.

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      AvatarTom Matchinsky

      Smash the tissues where the triceps start at the posterior shoulder and place your hand behind your back and lay on  the ground and work the border of the scapula with a lacrosse ball or something as well. I am a huge fan of turkish get ups and even half get ups to work on reclaiming stability of the shoulder and getting some time under tension without having to change shapes. Just make sure you don’t allow your shoulder to dump into internal rotation during the transitions. 

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