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      AvatarVeronica Gordon

      Hi out there!

      I have a problem and pain in my right shoulder and the left one is not feeling very well, too. The pain/bad feeling is mostly in the anterior part and down the humerus (biceps tendon and outer upper arm). Also I have to say that my posture is not the best, shoulders rolled forward and so on.This pain came about four or five weeks ago while throwing a bball.
      So this whole month I tried to read and view everything about shoulder pain/impingement I could find (+supple leopard). The first week I iced my shoulder few times a day and all the time I tried to mobilize it more than once a day with 2-4 exercises each time (some thoratic spine exercise -> setting the shoulder back to the socket -> some other shoulder mobility drill)..
      And first it worked well. The acute and hot part of the injury was gone after a few days, but after that there was no or only little improvement. I can feel that a few little muscles and tendons in the anterior shoulder are really really tight and stiff and when I am going down my humerus it feels like the outside of the bone, where the tendon attaches, is swollen.
      What else can I do or have I done anything wrong?
      I am willing to work on it five (or more) times a day if I would know that it’s changing anything.
      Please help me!
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      AvatarJames Elwin

      Sounds like your pec minor is tight causing decreased internal rotation of the shoulder. You might need to mobilize your traps and first and second ribs as well.
      Another thing is DO NOT ICE! Ice impedes the body’s natural healing process and interferes with the lymphatic system. If you need pain management try turmeric or ginger and compression with increased circulation like a heating pad, sauna, hot tub etc. The big thing is to unglue the ropy, gristly anterior deltoid and pec minor which is pulling your shoulder forward and causing pain in that biceps tendon.

      Get used to using the search function on here because there are plenty of videos to deal with any nagging issue you might have. Let me know if any of these videos help:

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      AvatarVeronica Gordon

      Thank you for the great answer.

      I already tried a few exercises, but have no barbell here at the moment for the rest. About the icing: I heard different opinions on that, but what I have seen Kelly is pro icing.
      You are right, I am missing a lot of internal rotation and the exercises make my shoulder feeling more “free”.
      But is it ok to mobilize directly on the ropy parts with a lacrosse ball or is that a bad idea?
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      AvatarJames Elwin

      Yeah bias your arm into internal rotation by placing it behind your back while lying prone on the floor and roll around on the ropy parts. My biceps tendon gets SUPER tight where it connects to the anterior deltoid and always feels better after doing this and extension-based mobility.

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      AvatarVeronica Gordon

      The exercises with the barbell on the shoulder are working really well and my anterior shoulder got a lot better the last few days. 

      The only thing is when I am trying to unglue the ropy parts of the upper arm like the biceps tendon it feels even worse the next day, for example when I roll around there with a lacrosse ball.
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