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      Hey guys i have a quick question, my shoulders are instable and have tendonitis in the biceps tendon,  horrible form when lifting caused it and not getting it checked early didnt help either. Recently i have had the feeling of the tendon sheath and fascia around the biceps tendon adhese and constrict the tendon and it sucks. Do you guys have any good tips to help the tendonitis and instability and weird tendon sheath? thanks!

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      Not sure about your exact problem, but they way you describe it would make me spend a ton of time stretching and mobilizing the chest. I’ve found that my chest is so tight it restricts much of my over head movements. After aggressively stretching my chest I found that my biceps got super stretched. Might help you or maybe lead you in the right direction.

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      Sounds like skill work would be beneficial so your shoulders are in better positions which will help them be in a more stable position.
      What is the cause of the tendonitis?
      You need to address the cause so the situation can heal and not continue.
      Having instruction and skill work with your different lifts will help address the problem.
      Have you had it checked out to know exactly what is occurring?

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      doctor checked it 3 times and keeps saying do the classic stuff like external and internal rotations and dumbbell rehab stuff but that i know doesn’t help the motor control and stability that i need. I have been doing it for the past 8 months without relief. 

      I have been told it was tendonitis from overuse and i didn’t know what to do for it right away because i was in 8th grade and didn’t know about Mwod. That’s probably a part of why it hasn’t healed
      i have not had an MRI or any of that because the doctor keeps thinking that the exercises will work and i don’t know why after 8 months he keeps telling me the same thing
      By skill work does that mean working on motor control?
      I am talking to much but thanks for the help guys. I will stretch my pecs to Ryan thanks that’s a good idea
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      By skill work I mean working on your shoulder positioning and technique.
      When you have your shoulder in the proper position and have proper movement technique/mechanics your shoulder is in a stable position.
      It does not sound like doing “the classic stuff like external and internal rotations and dumbbell rehab stuff” is helping or addressing the cause of the issue.
      Are you following the same training that you were in 8th grade or have you made changes to your training schedule?
      Do you see any improvements with the tendonitis?
      What are you doing to address this?

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      Tendonitis gets better when i do the mobs but i still get the weird adhesive/constrictive tendon sheath feeling. ( sorry its the best way to explain it and i know you dont hear that often)

      I train in mostly cross fit but avoid overhead movements. so  I do what i can…   in 8th grade i didn’t know all of this Mobilitywod awesomeness and so i had no idea of shoulder positioning or doing soft tissue work
      I stopped the exercises the doctor gave me and pretty much obsessively do MobilityWod. And pay a lot of attention to my positioning like you where saying. The problem is i have not been doing Mobilitywod for very long so maybe i need more time. What do you think?
      Any tips you have will help.. Thanks so much you rock
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