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      I had rotator cuff repair in my right shoulder about 2 years ago. Recently, I’ve noticed that when I put my hands behind my lower back, the right shoulder looks like it’s rolled forward whereas my left shoulder stays put. The right shoulder also limits the volume of shoulder work that I can do. Someone suggested the Donny Thompson bowtie to help. What are your thoughts or do you have any specific mods that I can do to get the shoulder to stay square?

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      Hey Kellie,

      Sounds like your missing some internal rotation (IR) of that shoulder. Having the hand behind the back and having the shoulder dump forward is a good assessment that your lacking IR. Check out the hang archetype on the getting started page:

      I would focus on some IR mobilizations. There are plenty of videos addressing the hang archetype and IR deficits. Here is a good place to start:

      Cleaning up the hang archetype and resorting your IR will also help restore full capacity in that shoulder, reduce compensations, and should help you handle more volume in your workouts.


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