Daily Mobility Exercises by Dr. Kelly Starrett Forums General Shoulder and Head Organisation and the Two-Hand Rule.

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      AvatarDalton Post
      Hi Folks!

      Just looking for a bit of advice to sort out my shoulder and head organsiation.

      I’m one of those guys who, sadly, is chained to a desk for 8 hours a day. And have what I would say is bordering on chronic shoulder and neck pain and tension (not to mention sucky hips that have affected knee tracking in my chosen sport — cycling). 

      Having discovered MWOD slightly late, I thought I would buy the BASL book to get up and running on the basics, but I’m struggling to get to grips with the bracing sequence and the two-hand rule.

      I seem to be getting the pelvis alignment with the glutes the abs trick, but I’m having trouble working out how to organise my shoulders and working out when i’m properly externally rotated. I fear that i’m overextending, but i’m not really sure that Kelly means by “don’t pinch your shoulderblades together, but just have them pointing to your hips.”

      Also I’m not sure how much I should be tilting my ribcage forward. Being a bit barrel chested, to get that top hand level with the ground leaves me pivoting forward from the hips slightly. 

      Oh and where should my head be in order to align my ears over shoulders? Nothing feels particularly neutral at the moment — although perhaps it’s just because my t-spine, shoulders and neck are so screwed up!

      Is there a video where Kelly goes through all this? That would be mighty helpful!

      Sorry for the — probably basic — questions, but I think getting these core elements right is probably a big deal!

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      AvatarVando Pereira

      Jim, I had the same exact issue as you after watching some of the MobilityWod Videos and a presentation that Kelly did for Google. I know this will not answer your question directly but instead guide you to take action and pick up the book because it’s well worth it and will instantly answer your questions and make perfect sense on the first read through.

       I just purchased the book and Chapter 2 in the book covers in step by step detail the Bracing Sequence to include Spine, Hip, Shoulder, and Neck Position, The Two-Hand Rule in detail with illustrations and Various Braced Neutral Positions for Sitting and Standing, as well as the importance of abdominal tension, and proper breathing using your diaphragm instead of your neck and chest.  I would not hesitate even another second because the book is worth far far more than the cover price. Although I’m a fan of the mobilityWod videos, The book is presented in a very detailed and organized, with easy to follow sequencing for every concept and model Kelly introduces.
      Here are some links to Kelly’s videos that you’ll find handy. Considering you sit a lot, I recommend you start with the Google Seminar.
      Google Video Seminar that Kelly did. It covers the two hand rule, sitting strategies, and basic positioning set up.

      Here’s a video on Head Positioning that may help:

      Here’s a Pro Member video on Spinal Positioning and Spinal Fault / Tweak
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