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      AvatarMario Cordon

      I have flat feet and require an orthotic; however, for the longest time, I have been squatting in my OLY shoes without them(physio therapist said I didn’t need them). I have been having knee pain, and have suspicion that wearing them while squatting may help. When I squat barefoot, my foot has a tendency of caving in. With that being said, I have decent trouble flaring my hips and getting good depth while barefoot. Out of curiosity, I attempted a few bodyweight squats with my orthotics in my shoe. I noticed that it was much easier to flare my hips as well as get good depth. If you have orthotics, should one wear them while squatting/oly lifting etc? Was my physio therapist wrong for advising me not to wear them?

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      You are your own best judge.  If it’s easier and more comfortable with the orthotic and you are getting better form with it, I say wear them.  If you really want to be certain, you could always take your observations to your physio and get his/her opinion on the matter.  I can’t see how it would be a bad thing, though?

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      Check out the three videos below. We tend to see feet caving in during the squat for many different reasons. The goal is to be able to express torque through your feet and hips without the need for an orthotic. I agree with your physio in terms of not wearing the orthotics in OLY shoes. Ditch the orthotics and start working on rebuilding your feet.
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      AvatarMario Cordon

      Thanks guys. Yeah, Im really trying to work on trying to create torque with my feet while I squat…Kind of like trying to push apart the floor..If that makes sense. Thanks again for the input; much appreciated.

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