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      I’ve had major issues with tension/restriction in my left Scapulothoracic Joint (if that is the correct name for the connection at the bottom of the scapula) that has had significant impact on anything overhead. The restriction was so strong that any time I tried to go overhead I would lean backwards – with ANY amount of weight (including a dowel rod!).

      While I DO have a jacked shoulder/neck, with Katilin’s and Kelly’s input from another thread I’ve managed to decrease that specific restriction enough that my coach will now allow me to work on front squats with light weight rather than goblet squats 🙂 The MOB I’ve found that REALLY makes a huge difference is the video: Overhead Rib Mobilization from April 30, 2013 – and of course it also targets the Traps and Rhomboids.
      The interesting thing is the major impact this mobilization made even after the very first time, and this restriction has been in place for years. There is some tenderness when I shear the ball back and forth at the bottom of my scapula in one isolated spot – but not what I would call pain. Thanks to Kelly for the June 17th video that seems to tie them all together.
      Given that this particular MOB has had such a profound and immediate effect, and so many others have had no effect, are there other related mobs that should be used along with it? I DO have the Gemini now – just trying to get the best bang for my mobility time. I spend a LOT of time mobilizing before my workouts and am trying to streamline that a bit by focusing on a more targeted approach. 
      I AM focusing on mobilizing in the position of restriction.
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      Good to hear you are seeing good improvements with this situation.
      Excellent to hear you are able to start working with your front squat.
      As things are getting to a better place/better position you may find that mobs that didn’t have much impact before have more of an impact now.
      Some other episodes that may help:
      Episode 41: Improving Shoulder Organization & 3 min Challenge
      Episode 44: Global Dehydration and Stiffness, Pecs, Tri’s and Internal Rotation
      Clear the T-Spine, Now We Can Start Talking Shoulders
      Episode 81: Benching Global (Extension)
      Episode 86: New Shoulder Mob Zulu: First Rib Love
      Episode 101: Shoulder Relationships–Soft Tissue
      Episode 143: Thrower’s Shoulder And Rib Cage Tilt

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      Thanks Kaitlin! I’ve not seen some of these before, I appreciate the list!

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