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      My brother seems to have fractured something in his foot (waiting on MRI scans), there is a fair amount of swelling, should I try wrap it up with a voodoo band? I wouldn’t do anything that hurt his foot but is it just a bad idea? Also I know Kelly is no fan of ‘icing’ injuries, but would icing be better than not icing if you couldn’t apply compression? 

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      You should not ice to address swelling.
      From Kenny Kane’s Positivity Project episode with Gary Reinl
      Active recovery is the answer movement.
      Swelling is the accumulation of waste at the end of the inflammatory cycle that you didn’t evacuate because the muscles weren’t activated. You need to move the waste out of the system with muscle activation. With no muscle activation the waste isn’t moving. Shutting off the signal(icing) to the muscles and nerves waste can’t move.

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