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      3 weeks ago I was doing a heavy backsquat.   Usually my squat form is great, but for some reason, my butt came up first out of the bottom of the squat (kind of a stripper move?) and I felt intense pain in my sacrum.  This pain has intensified since.  I’ve been icing it a lot, saw my chiropractor, saw my acupuncturist, yet still have intense, sharp pain between L5 and S1 upon squatting, at the bottom of my deadlift, and the bottom of my good morning.  It feels worse with spinal extension, less intense with flexion.  Any advice?

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      See a doctor to identify exactly what is going on, what is causing the pain etc.
      You’ve done some, however are not seeing an improvement in the situation.
      You don’t want to be icing it.
      Icing slows down the healing process.

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