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      AvatarJames Beatty

      Hey Guys,

      I was wondering if someone could check out my running form. I have some knee pain I’m trying to kick before I leave for basic training, and want to make sure my form isn’t compounding any issues! I wear Brooks Pureflows (~4mm) and aim for a midfoot strike.



      Much appreciated.

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      At the beginning you look to be a little broken at the hip.
      One aspect you want to start looking at is cadence.
      You need a minimum cadence of 90 for ground reaction force.
      It doesn’t look like your heel is kissing the ground. This is an important aspect so your calf is not contracted the whole time you are running. At shorter distances your body can probably buffer it so you may not be aware of the situation.
      Here a video of Nate Helming, SFCF& Helming Athletics
      If you need drills or anything let me know.

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      AvatarJames Beatty

      Thanks Kaitlin. I’ll try and up my cadence and striking. I’ve seen a few drills on crossfitendurance with Brian Mackenzie, but if you know a group of drills posted somewhere else I wouldn’t mind the extra help!

      Also, here is a front view; any abnormalities between left and right leg?


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      Brian’s drills are a good start.
      Here is a video that explains cadence and its application
      Another aspect to concentrate on is pulling your heel to your butt.
      Think of your heel being on a track and pulling your heel to your butt.
      the metronome your can order one online or there are several apps if
      you are comfortable running with your phone. Hearing the tempo will help
      pull it all together.

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