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      Fellow TRS’ers…

      Looking for some advice. I’ve been consistently rucking for almost 2 years and have done a handful of GORUCK challenges without any issue. My general training regimen consists of weekly mileage under load (30-40) pounds, usually 3-4 miles at a time, a few times a week, with an occasional longer ruck thrown in (6-14 miles). I also have a pretty strong sandbag strength training approach that keeps me working out 4-5 times a week.

      A few months ago, I made the decision to transition to Altras (zero drop) because they best fit my footshape (wide forefoot, narrower heel) and prevented blisters. I did my best to ease into the transition, taking it easy with mileage and weight at first before diving right into the change. However, despite my best efforts, I think I may have transitioned too quickly and have had some nagging Achilles/peroneal/ankle discomfort that hit its peak around Thanksgiving. I’ve run through almost every maintenance & pain video related to the entire chain (from the hip down) and aim to work in 10-20 mins per day mobilizing and focusing on the lower body. I’ve also thrown in ankle flossing, scraping, percussion gunning the whole chain, balance work with a slack block, and have begun experimenting with NIR therapy. I’ve cut back my mileage considerably and have tried to focus on not further irritating the area during workouts. Despite this, I still get a little niggle every now and again, especially when the leg is fully flexed and the foot is in dorsiflexion.

      Has anyone else experienced anything similar? Any advice? Footwear recommendations? Would like to get over this nagging annoyance…

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