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      AvatarSteve Rigo

      I have a recurring issue with inflammation in my right SI joint/lower back.  It’s not constant, but it’s there.  Certain movements will “awaken it”.  If I bend over without warm-up i’ll feel it in my right SI area.  If I were to jump down off a box, the impact would hurt my lower back.  

      I go about once a month to the Chiropractor.  Every visit, my right hip is rotated forward and the Chiropractor “resets” my SI joint.  That improves things.

      When my back is inflamed, I almost always notice inflammation in my right hip-crease (I believe it’s my psoas muscle).  The muscle is very tender to firm touch.  I can generally release the tissue by digging a thumb in there or rolling on a ball.  Doing so relieves the pain/inflammation in my back and seems to straighten out my hips.

      Lunge stretches and the “gut smash” both also provide relief, but I cannot get rid of this pattern where my pelvis/hips get out of alignment.  Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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      AvatarStephen Small

      I definitely notice the connection between hip pain and back tightness. I have recurring hip/glute soreness that can radiate around to the hamstring and to the hip flexor. I recently discovered that my QL muscles in my back are very sore but only when pressure is applied. I didn’t know that the back muscles were contributing to the hip pain and pelvis stiffness, but my ART practitioner worked on them to finally resolve the hip pain. Everything is related! Between treatments I use the RAD roller for the back and hip, as well as the helix which has a broader profile (http://www.radroller.com/#_a_AZ). The combination is keeping me running and pain free this season.

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      AvatarPatrick Thomas

      Are you using the bracing sequence when bending over?
      Have you looked at movement patterns or movements which are causing the ilium to rotate?
      If there is compensation within movement patterns the cause will remain and it will keep happening.
      Have you watched the lunge archetype days of the 14 day challenge?

      Have you watched psoas episodes? There are a few.
      Couple to start with:
      Psoas Flossing and Biker Hips | Episode 301

      Episode 26: Hips and Seppuku: Psoas and Hip Soft Tissue Mob
      Episode 04: Silent P in Filet, Very Paleo

      Regular movement in the lumbar spine may be limited.

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