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      AvatarMichelle MacHale

      I think I have a lot of imbalance between my right and left, both legs and arms.

      For example on snatches the calluses on my right hand are always bigger and more damaged then on my left. When squating I also feel that more power are coming from my right leg.

      Could you comment on that?

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      AvatarPatrick Thomas

      Do you or did you play a unilateral sport?

      Have you had a coach watch you snatch and squat?
      Or had someone video tape your squat and snatch?
      Seeing exactly what is happening will help you and your coach determine where to start.

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      AvatarMichelle MacHale

      No, I did not played a unilateral sport.

      Yes, the coaches at my box observed my squats but did not spot a problem with my balance.

      Yes I have filmed myself and cannot spot a problem besides my lack of mobility.
      I am trying to consciously apply force with the two sides, but not know if it is enough. For example when jumping rope I felt my right calf really tired, and then started trying to use more of the left one, after some time they both felt well.
      Another symptom that let me to think it is not right, is that the belt that carries my phone while running slides to one side as the run progress, I believe it should stays in the middle were it started.
      Thank you!
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      AvatarPatrick Thomas

      Where do you notice mobility restrictions?

      Are you bracing the trunk when perforing the above movements?
      When you were jumping rope it sounds like your right heel was not kissing the ground. Thr calf remained contracted the entire time. When you changed your focus there may have been a technique adjustment (conscious or unconscious) and your heel began kissing the ground.

      When you run do your arms cross your midline?
      Trunk rotation could contribute to the belt moving.

      Are you doing movement/skills which incorporate all planes of movement?
      Working primarily within one plane of movement the body can develop imbalances.
      Incorporating movement within all planes of movements during warm up is key.

      Have you watched the videos in the 14 Day ChallengeI 7 Green Lights which address the hip hinge archetype?

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