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      AvatarMatt Mayo

      Completed running interval workout just fine yesterday, 2 hours later suddenly could barely walk with intense pain in posterior tibial area 2 inches above inner ankle (no issues with this area prior to the run). Here I am one day later, can still barely walk, no improvement. Not sure if it’s a sudden stress fracture, horrible shin splint, or something else. Best way to handle at this point? Even though it hurts like heck to touch, I find myself constantly reaching to massage/manipulate the area. Would voodoo compression/light rolling do me any good at this point, or should I just leave the thing alone entirely for a few days? Thank you very much!

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      AvatarNathan Richer

      Whenever there is pain, I would recommend a clinician to take a look and clear you. Pain is always an important indicator and should not be present. To diagnose or give advice in presence of pain could make things worse and be irresponsible for us to do so as non-clinicians. Either see a sports med doc or PT and make sure they get you pain free.

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      Is this the first time running after some time off?
      Did you run more than you have run lately?
      It may have been the way you were striking the ground.
      If you were landing heavy and loud these are impacting factors.
      Were you landing mid foot or heel striking?
      You could start to address it.

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      AvatarMatt Mayo

      Thank you for the replies. Definitely not my first run after time off (been at it 5+ days/week with some breaks for a few years). Looking back I can think of some possible contributors – I may have been compensating for some increasing tightness in the peroneal area of my right leg, and on this run I was trying to incorporate some running cues given to me by a coach during a gait analysis last week, which definitely altered my mechanics. I’m baffled though how at crippled i became several hours after what seemed like an uneventful (at the time) interval run. 

      Unfortunately my medical resources are limited to my military clinic primary care physician, who I already saw. All I got out of it was a prescription for ibuprofen, unremarkable x-ray, and the recommendation to “slow it down” and give it some time.

      My reason for wanting to treat this as aggresively as possible is the fact that I have a physically grueling, 3 month long military school starting in only 2 weeks and need to be as healthy as possible going into it.

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      AvatarNathan Richer

      personally i’d give it a rest for some days until the pain subsides somewhat. if you don’t you might make it worse.  i think light massage of the area to encourage circulation would be good as long as you can stand it. hard supernova action probably isn’t a good idea right now. smashes do create trauma and you don’t want to add to existing trauma.

      there are some electrical and magnetic methods i’m playing with that might help but are kinda expensive. but let me know if you’d like to know what they are. one of those is http://www.somapulse.com.

      make sure you’re eating enough – hard training athletes should be eating 1g protein per pound body weight. this may be a limiter in how fast you heal unless you eat enough. also make sure you can get enough vitamins.  

      good luck!
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